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Draw With Lights!

Draw With Lights!

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Immersive Experiences That Develop Your Child's Creativity, Focus & Determination

Nothing was created without the use of imagination and perseverance. This interactive light-up drawing set supercharges your little one's creativity & hunger for self-improvement, equipping them with skills needed to be the inventive geniuses of tomorrow.

  • Understand the importance of practice
  • Improves focus and determination
  • Develops patience
  • Makes the process of learning anything fun and enjoyable


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Based in Sheffield, UK


From A Small Scribble
To A Masterpiece

With captivating lights that illuminate every stroke along the way, kids develop persistence to complete their work and are rewarded by the beautiful masterpieces created which they can proudly call their own.

Benefits for Brilliant Brains:

Build Focus & Determination

Recognize Shapes & Patterns

Develop Perspective

Hand-Eye Coordination

Creativity & Self-Expression

Problem Solving Skills

Learn, Create and Grow Together:

  • "What sound does this animal make?"
  • "Draw your favorite animal!"
  • "Try spelling your name on the board!"
  • "How many stars are in this drawing?

Kids learn an enormous amount through their imagination and it is play that pulls together the logical and creative parts of their brain.
Draw With Lights! makes learning to read, write & draw an experience most enjoyable for your little one.

Raise The Inventive Genius Of Tomorrow

Draw With Lights! gives your child an early head start to analytical skills which help them adapt, improve & learn from mistakes. These lifelong skillsets are essential when it comes to creating masterpieces of any sort.

Just watch your child persevere through the scribbles and create the perfect masterpiece right in front of you!

  • Sketchpad size: Small (19.5cm x 13.5cm), Medium (21cm x 28.8cm), Large (40.8cm x 28.8cm)
  • Does not leave marks or stains
  • Skin Safe, Non-Toxic


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1204 reviews

My children absolutely love their drawing boards. I initially purchased one to test it out and see how they liked it. I had to buy another one so they had their own. It's perfect for them to use just before bed because they draw for about 15 minutes and go to bed afterwards. Amazing purchase!


Everyone who uses this gets creative at some point, my daughter loves it, it can be used by children of any age!


I try to keep my kids away form modern gadgets and devices and this board is exactly the thing I was looking for, it keeps them entertained for hours.


The kids love them


The most important thing to me is that my girl enjoys playing with this. I got this as a gift for her birthday and she loves expressing her creativity on the glowing board, it is just too fun for her!